As governors, we are all fully committed to working as part of the Rockcliffe First School family.

Through informed and critical challenge we support staff and pupils, encouraging and enabling everyone to fulfil their potential and to maintain the school’s outstanding success.

There are currently 13 governors with a balance of elected, appointed and co-opted members and made up of parents, staff, Local Authority, North Tyneside Learning Trust and associates. We meet 4 times a year as a full governing body. In addition we meet in sub-committees at least termly to consider Finance and Staffing, Curriculum, Premises and Communications issues and we are all members of the Out of School Club sub-committee.

We bring a wealth of expertise from education, health, retail, community arts, music, the fire service, health and safety, sports coaching, food and business and take part in training to further develop our understanding and ability to fulfil our role. We are often in and around school as parents, visiting, attending meetings or helping out with classroom and extra-curricular activities and we can always be contacted through school.