Values & Ethos

At Rockcliffe First School we aim to:

  • Provide a well-ordered, stimulating environment in which each child may flourish;
  • Develop the knowledge, skills, experience and imaginative understanding of each child;
  • Deliver a well-planned, broad and balanced curriculum with an emphasis on the successful acquisition of literacy and numeracy skills;
  • Foster creativity across the full curriculum and especially in the Arts;
  • Encourage each child to develop a caring, considerate attitude towards others and to recognise differences in a positive manner.

In order to achieve our aims we will:

  • Tailor learning to the needs and capabilities of each individual, taking into account preferred learning styles as well as the particular needs of identified cohorts such as Gifted and Talented pupils, those speaking English as an additional language and those with Special Educational Needs;
  • Provide opportunities for children to develop physically through activities which they enjoy and which they can pursue in later life;
  • Ensure that the ethos of the school, as exemplified by relationships, assemblies and procedures as well as the formal curriculum, allows for daily opportunities for children to develop spiritually, morally, culturally and socially;
  • Work together within staff, class, whole school and other teams to ensure that each individual feels happy, secure and valued, and able to make a genuine contribution to our school;
  • Develop in children a love of learning and a spirit of enquiry, which will equip them to be lifelong learners;
  • Provide a variety of “enhancement” activities, both within the school day and via out of hours clubs, to enrich children’s experience further and allow them to participate in creative, linguistic or sporting activities to which they might not otherwise be given access.